I Don’t Know Anything About Art

By |May 21st, 2012|Anthony Batten, Art and Architecture, Art at Home, Collecting Art, Linda Kemp, Original Art|

Lies We Tell Ourselves About Art  #1 –  I don’t know anything about art. Just about everyone without an art history or fine arts degree will confide that they really don’t know anything about art. In fact, it is almost the first thing that people say to me when they hear that I am in the art business. It is offered by way of advance apology in case they make a ‘mistake’ in liking a piece of art or appear foolish in front of those with perceived superior knowledge.  Information on art history, schools of style and techniques are academic and add to our knowledge, but not necessarily to our pleasure or direct experience of a work. Being a human being makes everyone know something about art. Art is communication that is of the heart or gut – not the head. It’s as simple as that. You will like a work or not. A painting will raise you up in euphoria; a sculpture might stop you in your tracks for a […]