Five Ways to Help Your Child in Fearful Times

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    See this on Huffington Post. Managing the influence of terrorism. We were late for school as I hustled my nine-year-old son into the car. The radio was on and as we turned onto the busy road [...]

    Five Things to Tell your Teenager Before it’s Too Late

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    This post was published on Huffington Post. Loving guidance lets you be heard above the din. The 'good' thing about our Internet age is also the 'bad' thing. It dissolves all boundaries to information and [...]

    Five Things I Needed to Know to Be a Better Parent

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    Parenting: The ultimate on the job training course. Originally published on Huffington Post Like many pre-child individuals, I would observe others with children and know that when I became a parent I could do a [...]

    Greek Funded Research Reveals EVOO’s Secret

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    UC Davis Olive Oil Research Funded by Gaea Products SA Pays Off Where better than Greece to announce the latest study on the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil? And in this time of [...]

    Oh, I got it! Video Interview about “Exhilarated Life: Happiness Ever After”

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    Happiness is a choice and once you've got it - you've got it! In this interview from my home on Aegina Island with hosts Marguirita and Heidi on HANGOUT ON CONNECTIONS, I chat about my [...]