Entrepreneurial Spirit Leads These Greeks Back to the Land

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    Read this in Greek on HuffingtonPost.Gr At this year’s Greek Food Expo with over 900 exhibitors sharing the cornucopia of the best Greece has to offer I saw that what was once a flicker it [...]

    Do you mistakenly think you should have it all together all the time?

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    Saying I live an exhilarated life is a pretty big claim. And I do – but have it all together?  Not all the time. That would be like living on mountain peaks leaping from crest [...]

    Five Minutes of Happiness

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    Happiness and the stuff it's made of. A happy life isn't what most people think it is. It is not a life without challenge, loss, risk, frustration or sadness. Life contains all these things but [...]

    Happy New Year? 3 Resolutions to Guarantee it!

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    Three New Year's Resolutions You Won't Want to Break First published on HuffPost January 4, 2016  It's Sunday afternoon following New Year's. My sweetie, Athan is sorting receipts, clearing out our business cupboard of the [...]

    Five Ways to Help Your Child in Fearful Times

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    See this on Huffington Post. Managing the influence of terrorism. We were late for school as I hustled my nine-year-old son into the car. The radio was on and as we turned onto the busy road [...]