Shiatsu – What Exactly is it and Why is it so Good for You?

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    Originally published in Huffington Post Ancient Therapies for Modern Times   Jual opened the door wearing therapist white and I charged through in corporate black, briskly introduced myself and apologised for being late – the [...]

    5 Quick Truths When Doubts Bully You.

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    When you’re being bullied by your own mind - grab it by the horns and look it square in the eye! Read on Huffington Post Most doubts are negative thoughts that creep in, often when [...]

    “Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide” by Sarah Ratliff and Bryony Sutherland

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    This is a compelling collection of essays written by biracial individuals opening a critical discussion for the largest growing race in America - "mixed race" The strongest epithet ever hurled at me was in response [...]

    Rejection: When it’s Good for You, When it’s Bad for You and How to Tell the Difference.

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    What are the emotions that come up for you when you hear the word rejection and think of your last encounter? Humiliation? Shame? Abandonment? Worthlessness? These are all really barbed emotions. They stick into our [...]

    How Does Your Personality Type Add to the Intriguing Human Mosaic?

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    Embed from Getty Images Have you ever noticed that the more people you meet the more they fall into categories or types?  I have always been fascinated by Myers Briggs personality type assessments, originally created [...]