Two Little Words

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    Beauty as the real matrix of Life. Art speaks the language of Life in form, colour, texture, and love and inspires us to our own truth!

    Sunset – Now You See It…

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    Is Life Worth Experiencing or Imitating? As I sit at my desk, the room is darkening.  I have put the flower petalled Tiffany shaded desk lamp on.  Outside my window, the roof steps down and the sky is striated with magnificent hues of fuscia and lavender and periwinkle.  The towering fir trees (Edgar and Emiline) are in black silhouette against this amazing colour display.  I have come back to my desk to write about it before it is gone from my view into the twilight and this moment has passed forever. When the sunset first caught my eye I jumped up and ran out onto the deck with my phone/camera.  I wanted to capture this glorious image over the valley and distant forest so I could see it every time my phone rang, or I dialled a number.  The first shot was pale but okay.  I set it as wallpaper.  But as I was accepting this diluted imitation, the sunset […]

    Ron Thom – Architecture

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    Living in a work of art inspires each day.