Blessing food nourishes your body, mind and soul.

In our multicultural world, a melting pot of cultures and customs, certain things weave through regardless of race or creed or religion. One of those things is blessing food. Blessing food, or saying grace is just to pause before the bounty that is before us and to appreciate that we have at this meal, drink to quench our thirst, food to sustain our health and that these are things not to be taken for granted. We bless food by pausing and expressing gratitude.

Another aspect of blessing food is to create the environment within our bodies and mind to receive the most nourishment from the food we eat. We acknowledge the plenitude of the earth, the love and care that went into its preparation, the friends, family or loved ones with whom we share our food and table. We relax, share stories, chat and nourish our minds and souls along with our bodies.

In appreciation, we bring consciousness to the foods we eat. We are more deeply guided by our body response to eat foods that support our health rather than those that satisfy a craving. We naturally desire more green and fresh foods and fewer sweets or heavy foods. We are rewarded by energy and vitality, greater clarity of mind, buoyant mood and happier outlook which starts a lovely cycle of healthy eating because if feels better.

Simple acts of respect, reverence and appreciation open our body and mind to receive the nourishment of food on the deepest cellular level. Food is energy and that energy is maximised in our state of mind as we sit down to eat. Even if we are alone, we can create an atmosphere of simple grace by honouring our own moment as we sit to eat what we have prepared for ourselves or someone has prepared for us with care.

No matter what your culture, the earth provides the food we eat and many hands bring it to the plate before us. It is for the nourishment of our bodies; to our health and vitality. For this, pause before each meal or snack and feel the gratitude for the abundance all around you. A simple affirmation of gratitude or grace expands the molecules of food into their greatest healing and health sustaining capacity.

When we bless our food we set a conscious intention of wellbeing that feeds us body, mind and soul.

me agapi – with love,



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