Saying I live an exhilarated life is a pretty big claim. And I do – but have it all together?  Not all the time. That would be like living on mountain peaks leaping from crest to crest unaware that the peaks are held up by bulking mountains and connected by fertile valleys.

I’ve been feeling stuck – caught up in the social media marketing of my book, frustrated with the printer of my children’s book, wondering if I can find a children’s literary agent and really just lost on what my next project aught to be. Churning out stuff, even though it must be done, isn’t exactly creative and fulfilling. It’s not … exhilarating.

So I meditated on it. And then I took a book off the shelf that had been shipped here to Greece from Canada a couple of years ago. It seemed to have a tacit note, open in emergency. It was “Walking in this World: The Practical Art of Creativity” by Julia Cameron. I did the transformational “Artist’s Way” many years ago and this is somewhat of a refresher course – which I had been avoiding. I didn’t have time. I was too busy doing what I was supposed to be doing. Too caught up in spinning plates to just be.


In the front of the book is a place to put your name and sign an actual commitment to do the three things Cameron asserts are essential to creativity for at least the duration of the course – which is three months if I take a chapter a week. I know from the days when I began my Reiki Mastery how serious a contract with yourself can be. Well, I signed the commitment and bought a yellow lined pad and mechanical pencil (my most comfortable tools for writing) and began my ‘morning pages’, which are three pages of stream of consciousness scribble written daily in the morning before beginning any activities.

Coincidental to that (hee hee do any of us really believe that word any more?) a friend on the island who is a “Focussing” therapist offered to give me a free introductory session. Well, I had it and was moved by the experience. Focussing is tapping into the wisdom of the body, the felt sense. “It’s never about what we think it is about,” Patricia advised me.  And from what I know from other such strategies, the effects are sometimes subtle and come over time and, sometimes, are quite dynamic.

So a few nights ago I woke at about 3:00 am. I got up and read from a book by Wayne Dyer, “Wisdom of the Ages”. One poem was by John Milton who spoke of eternity and time. Finally sleepy, I closed the book and went off back to bed with these words rising up from the depths; I rest my mind on the pillow of eternity. These are my words and began the poem that would be written over the next several hours. Knowing I would forget the words, even though my sleepy self assured me I would not, I jotted them down in my book. Back to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, the next images and words. Back out to my book. This went on until the poem was complete and entitled “This Day is Mine”. I will share it when it is polished.


The next morning – after my ‘morning pages’ – I deciphered my middle of the night writing into a word document. Then a second poem crept onto another page. I haven’t written poetry for some years. Since I was a child doing cursive stanzas in bubble gum pink exercise books, poetry has been my first love.

So here I am, not on a peak of achievement, but in the fertile valley of creativity. The beauty of it is, this spills over into all tasks at hand. Life itself in its monotony and its splendour unfolds minute by minute. As Cameron says, music without pauses would be noise. We need these valleys to replenish our resources – creative and pragmatic. Tapping into my own essence and allowing whatever comes to come is in itself exhilarating.

Are you feeling stuck in any area of your life? Do you mistakenly think you should have it all together all the time? I have always appreciated the support of qualified practitioners in various therapies to assist me when I need an objective outsider to escort me back to my personal best.

I’d love to know your experience and what strategies you use when you are feeling stuck. I urge you to share on our Facebook Group Exhilarated Life Discussion.

me agapi (with love),


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