“If you turn toward your fears they will rush to meet you and ‘prove’ they are real, but if you take one step toward your personal fulfillment you will prove they do not exist.” ~ Marilyn Harding

We all have fears and we all have to meet them face-to-face and decide in a moment how to respond. If you turn toward them, they will indeed rush to meet you and you will experience people and circumstances that reflect that energy. We will meet up with other people’s fears and the fear party expands exponentially, sometimes until dire circumstances result. You have called out to them and they have arrived bringing unsavoury friends ready to take lodging in your body and mind.

But if you choose, when a fear comes up, to challenge its truth and instead of looking more deeply into its darkness, turn instead to a constructive act of personal affirmation, you will have a big surprise. There is nothing there but a thought and that thought is incorrect about your reality. It is incorrect because you are master of your reality in your thought and action. If you argue with a fear it will hold on more tenaciously but if you give no energy to a fear then it must dissipate as surely as a plant dies without sun. If you nurture the magnificence of you own being and its expression in the world, you will be fearless.

Me agapi (with love),