When the muses speak…

Part five

The Ceremony

One of the things I gave up for our move from Toronto and a more nimble and uncluttered way of life was my big desktop iMac. I loved it, but settled on a Macbook and then this winter when the ancient one collapsed, treated myself to a nifty 11” Mac Air which is great for travel but is not great for posture over the long haul life of a writer. So for regular use after watching a video on what computer posture does to our backs and neck, I bought a remote keyboard and mouse and put my laptop at eye level on a couple of shoe boxes.

However, after putting things in their rightful place yesterday including the boxes from the kitchen table which doubles as writing desk for both Athan and me, I needed another solution that might not look quite so… bulky, but there was more to it than that. And that’s what the muses had to say. It’s time to start the next book. The sequel to “Exhilarated Life: Happiness Ever After”. “EL” so nicknamed for ease and speed was the training wheels so to speak. The shift in perspective and a new way of dealing with life so that I and anyone who reads it can experience self-fulfillment and the pleasure of everyday happiness.

What I did not include in the book was the emerging lifestyle that supported my shift in perspective and continues to support me every day. Although I made brief allusions, I felt there was enough for the reader to contend with as changing a mindset and entrenched behaviour is challenging enough. So the next book is the holistic look at happiness. What behaviours, habits, practices and therapies support the state of well-being that I know from experience to be exhilarated?

I live this and over the past year, while preparing to launch the first book, the second has been writing itself deep in my consciousness. It is not a book of my own perspective as was the first, but a gathering of the best strategies and people of greatest integrity I can find in the fields that I wish to share. It will be a living book and I will start with podcasts – interviews and discussions with practitioners and therapists whose perspective and dedication I have come to respect.

However like my first book, it is an invitation to find what works for you. This in not a formulaic ‘how to’ but a series of suggestions and truths about your own being, body mind and spirit within your relationships, society and rightful place in the world as a whole as a global citizen of Earth. It will be a year or so before publication, but we will begin right away to introduce the people who will show you the way to your own vitality, clarity and bliss.

So here is the ceremony: Instead of the box on the table, the muses suggested I gather and stack books on which to rest my computer. I’m sure these will change from time to time, but today I let my subconscious choose from my bookshelf and found that the selections reminded me of how far I have come, gentle reminders of things I had forgotten and then offered clues to the rough sketch of the new book which, of course, is more of life itself unfolding. … The Stack of Books

me agapi,