Blending Genres – the Exhibit

Behind the Vision

For the month of July the Blending Genres Exhibit is presented in the historic Dignam Gallery in the Women’s Art Association on Prince Arthur Avenue in Toronto. The collection that includes the contemporary art of Anthony Batten- soft realism, Linda Kemp – non representational and Lynn Bertrand – classical realism is partnered with the contemplative street photography of Anne Launcelott and rare and vintage prints provided by Elisabeth Legge.

Blended Genres Opening Reception, Dignam Gallery, WAAC July 4th, 2012

The exhibit, expertly curated by Barbara Mitchell, fine art appraiser and president of the WAAC, captures the theme of the show. The result is a compelling arrangement of artworks in styles, colours and patterns that showcase the talents of the individual artists while harmonizing what are conventionally considered incompatable art forms and subjects.

The purpose is to illustrate that art is an integral part of our aesthetic life and a collection of quality may be approached at the budget entry level with fine art prints and small paintings. Art we love goes with everything and enhances our personal and work spaces in ways that are uplifting, relaxing or stimulating.

In the midst of this excellent collection and exhibit, mhArt is hosting a series of talks geared toward the professional designer. These ARIDO CEU Accredited talks are practical, information rich and fundamental in understanding the various types of art available.

The contemporary art market is a minefield of confusion and misinformation. The uninformed are naturally intimidated and this series is styled to provide the foundation for the designer or collector to enjoy art from a broader understanding. Our objective is not to give answers but to provide the attendees with the questions to pose to artists, dealers or galleries in order to purchase with confidence.

The artists who are included in this extraordinary show are the speakers. Each talk is based on the artist’s particular specialty with an objectivity required for relevant and useful information. They offer the criteria for excellence in particular to the respective genre which provides the interior designer or collector with the knowlege to assess works.  

Design professionals have expressed the need for the language to use when dealing with clients on the subject of art. In the design scheme, too often art is considered an accessory budget – last in – first out.  However, a quality work of art is based on the same elements as a room design. Whether by brush or by fabric, these are colour, light, pattern, texture and composition. The success and enduring allure of each is based on the skill and expertise of the artist or designer in combining these elements. Imbalances may not be readily noticeable, but like a poor carpet choice, will emerge in time and the sense of wholeness will fall apart.

I believe that quality works of art are an essential to harmonious living and should be chosen with the same care that goes in to a quality professional design. It is our intent that these professional talks in the midst of an excellent display of art will support a more robust conversation between the Interior Design professional and the Art Professional.

We encourage a dynamic exchange during and following the presentations and invite all to the Sunday afternoon open houses for a more leisurely and interactive experience.

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