Anthony J. Batten ~ O.S.A., C.S.P.W.C., S.C.A. 

Can a city scape dance?  Can a building be evocative?  Can a sun dappled terrace beguile?  At the hand of Tony Batten all of these are possible.  Tony plays with light and form the way an abstract artist might play with colour and texture.  Water splashing over rocks or sunlight streaming through a cathedral window transform the ordinary into experience both familiar and ethereal.

Tony is an ardent supporter of excellence in art. Perhaps his most significant contribution is the thirty plus year commitment to the collection of contemporary Canadian watercolours  that is now housed in perpetuity in the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle.

His involvement in the arts has led to his meeting HM Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and to work with Karen Kain, Christopher Ondaatje, Victor Suthren and the late Rod Robbie.  To those who know him well, his friends and fellow artists, he is regarded for his charm, laughter, and his ever ready story – usually with an hilarious ending.

Please enjoy this gallery of Tony’s paintings currently available for sale.

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Custom Frame Sections by Legge Custom Frames

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For information or a private appointment, please call Marilyn Harding 416-716-2678.

Find more in-depth information on Tony, his many accomplishments, awards, partrons  and exhibits, on his official website: Anthony J. Batten