Avant-Garde Art – Pink Slime or Prime Rib

By |April 13th, 2012|Collecting Art|

 Price vs Value in Art Art that explores the edges of our time is the avant-garde of contemporary art.  The ‘avant-garde will necessarily be renamed as it slips past the present on the river of time and the edge will be breached again.  But while it is up there at the forefront, for most of us, it will range from being vaguely disquieting to outraging.  It is the dealer’s or curator’s job to translate the new and find the language to capture the purely conceptual.  We are often affronted or mystified by the art babble. Describing a cow sawn in half is a taxing challenge to create the cachet that will match the price slapped on the piece – should you wish to own it – or even pay to see it. In a recent film of the Basel Miami Art Fair, a group gushed over an installation which was a tangle of green extension cords.  The curator sought rapport with the artist by […]