Does Some Art Make You Anxious?

By |April 18th, 2012|Art and Architecture, Art at Home, Collecting Art, Life Inspired!, Original Art|

The Energetic Effect of Original* Art As a Reiki Practitioner I understand the power and effect of energy fields. If that smacks of the New Age then think about energy fields of electricity, radio, micro and the tangle of waves that we live with. Some we’ve harnessed and some we have yet to discover. But they are there nonetheless. We intuit energy – get vibes from people or places and we are affected by energy that is either positive, negative, annoying or neutral. What does this have to do with art and anxiety? Just this: A hands-on genuine work of art has an inherent energy of the artist’s creative process. Studies have shown that a work that moves us in its beauty or complexity causes an emotional response which releases endorphins similar to the sensation and euphoria of falling in love. The work may be abstract or representational. It is not judged by the mind as to what is beautiful or clever – or what even makes sense. The work will emanate a presence that transcends our logical mind and slip into our place of feeling perception – the heart or the solar plexus. The level of development of the artist and his/her integration of skill, talent, passion and inspiration will determine the clarity of the message we receive. Now, unless the piece is […]