International Day of Happiness 2015

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    What better way to commemorate International Day of Happiness than meeting with friends to talk about ways to get happy and what keeps us from what, I believe, is the natural state of the human being? [...]

    Fear and the Art of Performance

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    What Artists Teach Us About Fear and Life There is a dancer I know who before a performance had so much pent up emotion – anxiety, excitement and fear running through his body he had [...]

    Living the Dream vs. Visiting the Dream

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    What life would you choose if you knew you could? A number of people have said to me lately something along the lines 'good on you for living the dream'. From my makeshift desk at [...]

    Honest Writing

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    Liberation from Revelation When I finally figured out the handiness of my Twitter App, I discovered a list of the day’s tweets by a collection of souls and entities I have chosen to follow, over [...]

    Landscape Paintings – What the Eye Perceives

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    Article first published as Landscape Paintings: What the Eye Perceives on Blogcritics. Buying an a original work of art can be a minefield unless you can rely on your own authority. You don't have to be a fine [...]