Does fear really exist?

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      “If you turn toward your fears they will rush to meet you and 'prove' they are real, but if you take one step toward your personal fulfillment you will prove they do not exist.” [...]

    In Greece a Little Goes a Long Way

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    This post was originally published in Greek in  'A little goes a long way' is usually the mantra of the travel companies encouraging clients to take advantage of Greece, our economically beleaguered but scenic and [...]

    And what now, beloved Greece?

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    I love to stand in bare feet on the sun-warmed tiles of the balcony and lean my hands on the hot rail. I watch a white butterfly with black etchings dance across my view riding on [...]

    Unplug to Recharge the Happiness Battery

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    Happiness Is... Sometimes what appear to be frustrating obstacles turn out to be gifts to a deeper understanding. This long weekend was just that for me. Struggling with WiFi data issues and reduced access to [...]

    Stack of Books

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    When the muses speak... Part Six The pedastal for my computer which is to preserve my good posture begins with the two-inch thick bound manuscript of my first book, “Exhilarated Life: Happiness Ever After”, the [...]