What Does it Take to Be Happy?

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    To be or not to be happy. Is the question that simple? People often wonder what it takes to be happy or joyful in life.  Perhaps a person or a place will give you the euphoria in [...]

    Mining for Gold in the Olive Groves

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    When everything is going wrong the successful look for what is going right and begin mining that. One thing going right in Greece is olive oil. This article was originally published in Greek on - [...]

    Greece – Love in the Time of Crisis

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    Love and the Timeless Poetry of Life It’s interesting that once you become accustomed to the noise of something, it is in its silence that you notice change. It is the same here on our [...]

    Your Personal Transformation

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    “Its not easy going from caterpillar to butterfly but it is the necessary process for the emergence of magnificence.” ~ Marilyn Harding Your personal transformation into freedom, joy and vibrant life requires the experience of all [...]

    Greece – Inside Looking Out

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    To my friends who are wondering if I am okay here in Greece. I am, but I have to tell you, Europe is using weapons of mass destruction Yep – you heard it here first. Fear and [...]