“Its not easy going from caterpillar to butterfly but it is the necessary process for the emergence of magnificence.” ~ Marilyn Harding

Your personal transformation into freedom, joy and vibrant life requires the experience of all that holds you back until you break free and drop your past like the used husk it is. There are imaginal cells in a caterpillar that are programmed to overwhelm the body of the larvae while in the chrysalis and cause it to become a butterfly, a completely different entity. Deepak Chopra says it is like dismantling a bicycle and producing a Cesna. When the butterfly is fully formed it takes a deep breath and bursts the confines of the chrysalis to fly.

It is what happens to us when we recognize our divine nature and emerge as all that we might be – pure potential unfolding – rather than defined by expectations of others. Just like the imaginal cells, we embody all that we require to lead an exemplary life of vibrant health, prosperity, creativity and happiness. However the elixir that causes our transformation is our own free will. When we align our will to the divine patterning that lies in wait within our hearts, we witness our own emergence into magnificence. Are you looking for personal transformation? Do you feel bound too tight to fly? Take a deep breath and set yourself free!

With love from Aegina Island, Greece,


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