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In “Exhilarated Life: Happiness Ever After”, author Marilyn Harding shares her chronical of self-discovery, self-love and personal freedom through tragic, comedic and challenging life experiences Humorous, intimate and lyrical; a profound guide to simple everyday happiness.

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Readers’ Reviews

“I recommend this book as meditations, where one can identify with the writer’s thoughts and experiences and rethink the message as it applies to their own lives.”
Anthony J. Batten, Visual Artist
“An enlightening book covering complex spiritual concepts with everyday life examples that I believe will resonate with many people. Marilyn is a great writer—you flow along with her easy humor—she lightens up life’s challenges.”
Hilary Bowring, Author, Find Your Soul: In Your Heart
“Exhilarated Life is the author’s truth, unabashedly shared with her readers. Harding’s willingness to relate to her personal stages of introspection on the way to finding her bliss shows a rare generosity.”
Pamela Jane Rogers, Author, GREEKSCAPES, Journeys with an Artist
“Exhilarated Life is a book of truths and possibilities exploring the What ifs. What if you’re already perfect? What if you already have everything you need?
Lisa McKenzie, Business and Marketing Strategist and Author
“With bare bone honesty, courage, razor sharp intelligence and wit, Marilyn Harding offers inspiring insights to personal peace and freedom in this gem of a book.”
Jerelyn Craden, Author, Vessie Flamingo, Outshining the Moon
“This book contains absolute honesty, weaving the reflections and substance of a life courageously lived and deeply self-examined. This potent and sobering brew of pure, unadulterated Truth wakes us up and sets us FREE.”
Gita Masiques, Spiritual Teacher
“Exhilarated Life: Happiness Ever After is an anthem for visionaries; for those who refuse to be stuck in the circumstances of their lives and seek transcendence to happiness.”
Michelle Murphy, Medium
“Marilyn’s humility and gentle, self-deprecating humor shine through her stories. Anyone attempting to cast off unwanted “stuff” would be well advised to spend some time in her company.”
Bryony Sutherland, Biographer and Editor

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