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"Exhilarated Life: Happiness Ever After", published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House coming January 2015.

The Privilege of Being a Parent

Being a parent and the peril of love storage. There are big damp pools in my eyes right now about to spill over and I decided to write about it rather than do what I know needs to be done. I’ll do it later. After I’ve dealt with the emotions. It all started with trying to take a photo on… Read more →

Honest Writing

Liberation from Revelation When I finally figured out the handiness of my Twitter App, I discovered a list of the day’s tweets by a collection of souls and entities I have chosen to follow, over the past several years at various stages of personal morph. It’s an odd but telling mix. Today, The New Yorker tweeted “The awkward fact is that… Read more →

Landscape Paintings – What the Eye Perceives

Article first published as Landscape Paintings: What the Eye Perceives on Blogcritics. Buying an a original work of art can be a minefield unless you can rely on your own authority. You don’t have to be a fine arts grad to choose a quality work. Your most trustworthy resource is much simpler and closer to hand than that. It is your own perception.… Read more →

Is Art an Accessory?

Article first published as Is Art an Accessory? on Blogcritics. In a recent interior design-related discussion on LinkedIn, an artist began a thread with the question of what the designers’ clients might want in art. The artist described her work as abstract and based on colour theory. She posed that, given direction, she could create art to accessorize an interior… Read more →