“Exhilarated Life – Happiness Ever After”

Published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House coming winter 2014.

A chronicle of self-discovery, self-love and personal freedom through tragic, comedic and challenging life experiences. Humorous, intimate and lyrical; a profound guide to simple happiness.

‘Let bygones be bygones and troubles be troubles, sorrows be sorrows and hardships be hardships; we’ve all endured our own storms.  The stories in “Exhilarated Life – Happiness Ever After” are a collection of how the former lead to this eventual after; where pastures become greener, the water clearer and the air abundantly fresher.  This is Exhilarated Life, not a how-to, but a humble guide up the mountain, nameless as it may be, but inevitably surmountable and where the view is 360 degrees.  You are invited to an exhilarated life of your own.’ NR


An enlightening book covering complex spiritual concepts with everyday life examples that I believe many people will resonate with. Marilyn is a great writer – you flow along with her easy humour- she lightens up life’s challenges.  – Hilary Bowring, author “Find Your Soul”


Marilyn Harding is the scout who has gone before us culling the range of human emotion, psychology and spirit, and reporting back, with bare bone honesty, courage, razor sharp intelligence and wit, inspiring insights to personal peace and freedom in a gem of a book she calls: “Exhilarated Life.” – Jerelyn Craden, author, “Vessie Flamingo Outshining the Moon”


There’s a little something for everyone in “Exhilarated Life – Happiness Ever After”. The product of a five-year journey through grief towards happiness, the book is at once intensely personal yet ultimately accessible. As we witness despair, bitterness, self-acceptance and forgiveness, juxtaposed with a deep love of travel, adventure and learning, Marilyn’s humility and gentle, self-deprecating humour shine through her stories. Anyone attempting to cast off unwanted ‘stuff’ would be well advised to spend some time in her company. – Bryony Sutherland, Author and Editor


Coming Soon:

“Yesterday at Justin’s”

A child asks about divorce.

Any book that takes on the job of explaining the whys and impact of divorce for children is worth a fortune if it meets this tall order. This is a beautiful book both for its writing style and comforting illustrations and will certainly meet the need of any caring parent struggling through divorce. Suited to parents that want to make the best of a bad situation, the book provides an excellent tool for creating a dialogue about family breakups for children eight to twelve years of age. The book’s other strength is that it provides a reference point for the friends of divorced families who also are left searching for the right answers to explain why people suffer when love fails. As a librarian for a public library I consider this a must have parenting resource.
Murray McCabe, Chief Librarian, Ontario Canada

“A gentle, thoughtful reflection on the effects of divorce on children, ‘Yesterday at Justin’s’ brings warmth, love and reassurance to this most emotive topic. Written with care and maturity, and featuring sympathetic illustrations, this book is highly recommended to all children affected by a marital split, as well as their friends.”
Bryony Sutherland – author, editor and mother of three

Watch for:

“Exhilarated  Lifestyle – A Holistic look at Health and Happiness”


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